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The Last Summer Morning

Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox – So officially this is the last summer morning for 2012!


San Jose Mural

The San Jose Mural

Seen at a local Wells Fargo branch

The Giving Tree

At the lobby of my workplace:

Who comes up with road names?

I wonder how the road names are given in the USA, because they appear so much random. Some cities have numbered streets and some don’t. Some names look like they have been lifted from some poetry.

In Silicon Valley, many road names come from the names of tech companies, mathematical and other scientific terminology. You can find here names such as Infinite Loop, AMD Place, Cisco Way, Logic Drive, Fourier Avenue, Fortran Dr, Marvell Lane etc.

The other day when I saw this very typical ‘silicon valley’ road sign, I did not forget to take a picture!

Syntax Ct

Syntax Ct

No marks for guessing that Syntax Ct is very close to Fortran Dr 🙂

Golden Way


Just as the temperature started dipping in the first week of December, bay area has turned really colorful! They won’t last long, and actually by now most of the color is gone from most of the trees in the area.